Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Vanessa Vine is a real person


"On Thursday October 23rd, Facebook deactivated Vanessa Vine's personal account without warning (see post attached), giving her no option other than to convert it to a Page - which she has so far declined to do, as years of her personal pictures, writings, correspondence and personal contacts would all be lost."

The above quotes are taken directly from a Facebook page that has been set up to fight for Vanessa Vine's profile to be reinstated. Why was Vanessa's page deactivated? Facebook allegedly claim she has been using a personal page as a business page and want her to convert the type of account. It is suspicious that Facebook deactivated Vanessa's account after she posted the picture in this tweet: https://twitter.com/vanessa_vine/status/525240575134806016

Another quote from the Vanessa Vine is a real person Facebook page: "On the morning of 23rd October, Vanessa Tweeted Boris Johnson with a picture of herself and Caroline Lucas MP holding a piece of the omelette over which Metropolitan Police had threatened Caroline with arrest for obstruction if she "supplied" it to a young man occupying the plinth of Churchill's statue - to whom the Police were denying any provision of food or water."

Facebook deactivated her account giving her the message she shares in this tweet: https://twitter.com/vanessa_vine/status/525274508178247681

Do we live in a democracy? Of course not. Britain is somewhere between a republic and dictatorship. Those who have the power do not want the rest of us to rock the boat.

Even in the dictatorial empire of Rome, prisoners were allowed visitors who supplied them with food and drink. Our government may claim that we the people have no right to occupy public spaces, spaces and monuments paid for by our taxes but they are wrong. When our government turns against us we have a responsibility to stand up for ourselves.

This post is one small way I can support Vanessa Vine. You can visit the Facebook page to offer your support here: Vanessa Vine is a real person

Of course this begs the question, if your account has been deactivated, how do you backup your Facebook data?

Facebook do provide a backup facility: https://www.facebook.com/note.php?note_id=10150118571353989

"Facebook recently introduced a new option to download all your information of your Facebook account. You can download all Facebook album/ photos together in a single click. Also you can download your all Facebook statuses, Wall posts, friend list, Messages, Notes etc."

I backed up my Facebook data earlier this year. I was grieved to find that the backup does NOT include any posts I had made on other people's pages or Groups. Since I tend to be fairly active commenting on posts that is a whole lot of my writing that I have no way to back up unless I individually troll through hundreds of thousands of posts and comments to attempt to recover it.

I've resigned myself to having lost all those comments. I believe Vanessa should be within her rights to demand a copy of all photos and comments she has posted. Thinking about my own experience though, who owns copyright on Facebook? I suspect Facebook claims copyright. Though perhaps not as they would then be liable for defamation...

So, in that case, Vanessa would have copyright to her comments, but (and it's a big but) she would neither have copyright or rights to back up other people's comments. This means it's very difficult to preserve discussion threads. It also means Facebook has a legitimate right to not offer the ability to back up your comments on other people's threads.

Re-reading Facebook's backup page again, they do say this: "Any comments that you and your friends have made on your Wall posts, photos, and other profile content." This means that it should be possible for Vanessa to recover everything posted on her wall at the very least.

Remember, none of us pay Facebook for hosting our data and few of us have read the Facebook terms and conditions. I think how Facebook has treated Vanessa is disgusting but we're all partially responsible for using an unpaid service that doesn't give us the rights we want.

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